Friday, August 22, 2008

African Photographers Entrepeneurship Programme (APEP)

I was selected from 150 entrants for the APEP programme run by 27 professionals finished the programme after assignments were completed, and I received the certificate in November 2008.

I spent a week in Pietermaritzburg in August 2008 and then in November 2008, receiving training from industry experts: Graeme Cookson from the UK, honing my Photoshop skills, learning new tricks and shortcuts, and then Peter Krogh from the US, reknowned as an archiving and digital imaging expert (author of the DAM book - Digital Asset Management) walked us through a workflow that ensures backups are created, and introduced us to lightroom in the workflow.

Mixing with some top photojournalists from all over Africa, the programme enabled me to sharpen my skills developed over 14 years setting up photo libraries for a number of photographers and media institutions. This was not a photography workshop, but a workshop for photo professionals to learn the essential digital imaging skills needed to process the images, store images so they can be found later, and maintain a good backup system.