Thursday, May 21, 2009

Soccer soccer soccer

I guess June next year looms, The FIFA2010 World Cup Soccer that is, so every photographer should be going to their files and finding all their "cool" images relating to football, people playing and enjoying the game, and get them ready and waiting for a buyer.

This pic was taken on my way up to Pietermaritzburg last year when I moved to that city from Cape Town. These guys were having a game in the dust right next to the main road at Aliwal North, which is in the Eastern Cape but just before the Free State border.

Having lived most of my life in Cape Town, it has been really good to explore a new part of our country in the last seven months, as KwaZulu Natal had not been on my previous routes as much as I would have liked.

Now I am here. And it's great. Sure I miss Cape Town, but it is not that far away.