Sunday, February 13, 2011

2011 aQuelle Midmar Mile and the 8 Mile Club

Yes, everyone wants to see Ryk Neethling, Charlene Whittstock, Lewis Pugh, all the celebs.... well here is Ryk, he finished first in the mens' event.

But you really want to see this group of people too.... The 8 Mile Club is a group ranging in ages from 16 to well into their fifties, and they swim all eight events (four miles on Saturday and four miles on Sunday) and raise money for charity through sponsors.

This is Chad Gifford. He is 39 and he lost both of his legs after a car accident. This is Chad on the support boat which takes the swimmers across to the start of the next race - looking pretty fresh and relaxed and ready for the start of the 7th race!

The 8 Mile Club looks set to raise around R 1.5 million this year for a wide range of charities.