Sunday, October 24, 2010

Terbodore Coffee Roasters and Restaurant

I have been living in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands for two years and now it feels like home. This is why I am very happy that we have places like Terbodore to visit for breakfast (which we did a while back just after they opened) or lunch, which we did this past weekend.
I neeeed good coffee. And Terbodore does good coffee. They roast coffee beans in fact, and were awarded something coffee related (I must get all the details) a couple of months ago.... if you arrive early morning or later in the afternoon, you can get a tour around the roastery - lunchtime gets a bit busy so they can't really focus on tours.

Country dogs add to the atmosphere........

A first visit should be at a less busy time to ensure you can get the tour and learn about coffee roasting and coffees of the world.

The restaurant is relatively new, they are still establishing a veggie and herb garden...

Coffee may appear to be their thing, but wow the food here is excellent too... Nick had the Oxtail (below) and I had the Bo-Kaap Lamb Curry (below that) ... really good and huge portions. We ended the meal with cheescake... cinnamon and walnut flavoured baked cheesecake! and cappuccinos of course.

Terbodore can be found on the Currys Post Road about ten minutes drive from Howick. We took the Tweedie Turn-off towards Howick and then the Currys Post Road fromthe Corner Post Restaurant.

Maryann Rivers-Moore